As a leading gynecology and women’s health services provider, we help women of all ages receive the customized care they need.

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We deliver the highest level of care and the most effective solutions available for today’s women’s health.

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It is our desire to provide the finest and most technologically up-to-date medical care available at The Center for Women’s Health & Wellness. Dr. Scott Eder, a board-certified gynecologist, has provided high quality, personalized medical care trusted by thousands of women in Central NJ since 1988.

You can visit us at our location or contact our office at (609) 799-5010. We will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can also email Dr. Eder directly or schedule an appointment online.

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“I am pleased with the Doctor. I feel that all of my concerns are addressed. The doctor has a nice way about him.”

Sharon Laura LoguePatienthttps://

“I have been Dr. Eder’s patient for over 30 years. He is an excellent doctor and I have complete confidence in him.”

Judy MarksPatient

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Eder since 1987. He’s the best–knowledgeable, ethical, and he speaks to me as an adult, not a girl-woman”

Susan WolfsonPatient
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